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Products and services offered by ITAC are world class solutions, highly competitive on the IT market and developed within the highest quality standards.

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ITAC SecureFile® MFT

Secure managed file transfer solution that enables automated and centralized management for secure file exchange processes between wor ldwide offices, customers, and business partners.

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ITAC end to end Testing®

Prevention and detection of security problems, architecture and performance of applications by means of assuring quality throughout the entire software development life cycle.

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ITAC Software Factory®

ITAC designs the most robust security software applications, satisfying the client needs as well as the final customers using a standardized and secure development process valued at CMMI level 3 and using best programming practices.

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ITAC WS Guardian®

SOA security and run-time governance platform that enables both highly flexible customization and enforcement of security policies and an integrated SOA life-cycle management.

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ITAC Connect®

Implementation of the connection pool concept which consists of a limited set of connections that are constantly reused to provide service to different clients. This increases scalability and availability of the systems host by making it unnecessary to constantly open the connections, and is capable of managing the load that the end systems receive at any given moment.

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ITAC SecureFile® KMS

Centralized solution for encryption key lifecycle and Key Management Support.

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ITAC SecureFile® Cloud Service

Is the most versatile service to satisfy enterprise secure file transfer needs. It adjusts to any organization and does not require acquisition of infrastructure, just pay per use.

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